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Clamp Pack


The Clamp Pack is designed and manufactured in France, it has a robust frame, the kinematics are also sized to support heavy loads repeatedly.


Two cylinders make it possible to actuate directly from the tractor cabin the closing and opening of the grapple via the third function of your front loader.


The Clamp Pack is a clamp with hydraulic lateral clamping which makes it easy to handle bundles of small bales made by our PackBale.

This clamp helps to maintain the integrity of the bundle, the bales remain well compacted between them.

This clamp is ultra versatile, it can take bundles of 14, 12 or 10 baless and in both directions of loading. It can also lift big rectangular bales or round bales, and even wrapped.

Pince à bottes de foin

The maximum opening is 280 cm between the blades

The minimum closure is 75 cm between the blades

The clamping force is 2.4 tons, which ensures excellent hold of the package and guarantees that it remains compact.

8mm steel slides ensure the translation guidance of the blades. Several lubrication points ensure smooth movement and excellent durability.

Long blades can be fitted as an option with a quick changeover time. They make it possible to grasp packages or large bales lengthwise while ensuring a good hold.

The base attachment on our clamp is EURO type.

If you have another type of attachment, we can also adapt the Clamp Pack on request. do not hesitate to contact us

Paquet de petites bottes pincé
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