The PackBale

PackBale JB Industrie Groupeur de bottes

The PackBale is an accumulator, compactor, bundler of small square bales, which can make bundles of 14, 12 or 10 bales.

The package can then be easily lifted by our Clamp Pack

Our PackBale is available in three configurations:

- Pick up on the left side

- Pick up on the right side

- Tandem behind the baler

The pickup of the machine is equipped with 3 chainss, the first chain lift the bale on the pick-up. The second chain rotates the bale, and the third chain brings the bale in front of the compaction chamber.

The chains are controlled independently, when the third chain is stopped because the arm pushes a bale, the pick-up chains continue to turn to raise the following bale. This sectionnal system makes it possible not to stop during the vertical compaction or knotting cycle.

The pick-up can be fitted with a floating wheel to ensure optimal ground following.

Botte de foin sur le pickup du Packbale
Bras du groupeur qui pousse une botte

The arm of the machine push the bales into the compaction chamber.


The speed of the arm is controlled to prevent the arm from pushing the bale too hard to the bottom of the cage.

When 2 bales are pushed, the vertical compactor lift both bales in the upper chamber, and the maintainer keeps them in the top chamber.

When the package is complete, the vertical compactor  comes to crush the bales at the pressure chosen by the user on the touch screen.

Then the knotting system springs into action and make 4 knots.

The 4 knotters are from the brand Rasspe and equip many high density balers.

Noueurs Rasspe sur le Packbale JB Industrie
Paquet de bottes déposé par le Groupeur Packbale de JB Industrie

When the knots are tied, the doors open, and the ejector delicately tip the package to place it on the ground.

An optical sensor detects that the package is no longer on the door, and gives the order to the hydraulic system to close the door.

A new cycle is started as soon as the door is closed.

The string box can store 8 large diameter spools.

The hydraulic system of the machine use the hydraulic flow produced by the tractor, this configuration saves many expensive components on the machine.

The PackBale is compatible with tractors open circuit, but also with those equipped with Load sensing / Power Beyond. A flow rate between 60 and 80l/min makes it possible to use the PackBale to its full potential.

For tractors with low hydraulic flow, a pump kit on PTO is available as an option.

Caisse à ficelle du groupeur PackBale
Ecran tactile du groupeur de bottes

The touchscreen of the PackBale allows all machine functions to be controlled directly from the cab.

Automatic mode makes it possible to carry out work cycles in the field. At the same time, the screen allows you to follow the current steps.

Manual mode allows you to take control of the machine to perform movements as needed.

The touch screen also allows you to adjust the compaction force, or to access information such as bale counters, oil temperature, etc...

The options

The PackBale can be equipped with many options in order to make it more efficient, easy to use, comfortable, fast...

the list below shows some of these options. Do not hesitate to contact us to know all the options available:

- Gauge wheel on the pick up; to ensure optimal ground following and lift the bale closer to the ground.

Roue de jauge du pick up groupeur de bottes

- Pick-up camera; to make it easier to follow the line of bales, especially if the tractor has large wheels.

Caméra du Pickup


- Hydraulic support foot; to make hitching / unhitching faster and safer.

Pied hydraulique groupeur de petites bottes


- Cage shrinker; the short bales stay well stacked on top of each other in the cage, even on the slope.

cage compacteur groupeur de bottes PackBale
Vue de l'intérieur du groupeur de petites bottes


- Motorized star shaped wheels at the entrance of the pick-up; they allow the bales to be lifted on the pick-up even on the downhill slope.

roue étoile chargement bottes groupeur montagne


- Hydraulic pump kit on PTO; to hitch the PackBale on tractors with low hydraulic power.

- Additional hydraulic radiator; if the tractor does not have a large enough heat sink, this additional radiator guarantees good operation at high speed on very hot days.

- Electronic inclinometer; it allows you to work in complete safety on the slope by giving an estimate of the risk of capsizing.