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The Mounted PackBale

PackBale porté vu 3/4 avant

The mounted PackBale is an accumulator, compactor, packer of small bales, which can make bundles of 10 or 12 bales.

It is aimed at all farmers or entrepreneurs who produce small bales and who want to make bundles. Its price allows profitability from 3000 bales / year.


This concept of tractor mounted machine is unique, patented and exclusive to JB Industrie.

The fact that the machine is hitched and carried directly by the tractor lift system has many advantages:


  • No axle or drawbar

  • No heavy road chassis

  • Compactness is more important

  • The maneuverability is exceptional

  • Vision from the driver seat is ideal

  • No registration

  • No additional insurance

The general architecture chosen allows a drastic reduction in complexity:

  • No unnecessary movements

  • The bales never rotates along the vertical axis

  • Bundles never tips or rotates

  • 2x fewer cylinders

  • 2x fewer sensors

  • Very simple hydraulics

All of these elements allow us to offer you a machine less complex, more reliable and less expensive.

Bale Accumulator
Groupeur de petites bottes

The Pickup is located to the right side of the tractor, the inlet mouth being located slightly in front of the right rear wheel of the tractor.


This configuration offers the driver an ideal point of view on the pickup and the next bale.


No need to turn the head to check that each bale is properly loaded in the pickup like on trailed machines. It makes the difference at the end of the day!

This pickup can be equipped with suspension to reduce stress when traveling over rough terrain.

When the bales are loaded in the machine, they are simply tilted on the edge, 2 by 2, then pushed into the compression chamber.

A top plate called "skis" applies pressure to the bales in the chamber to prevent them from moving, even on the slope.

Meanwhile, the pickup continues to pick up the bales from the ground and holds them on the conveyor while waiting.

Groupeur de bottes porté
Paquet de petites bottes complet

Along its path, the ejector makes a short stop each time a strap is applied to the package. This architecture unique in the world allows the user to choose the number, position and tightening force of the straps. This represents a major advantage for producers who make short and/or lightweight bales and want to place the ties exactly where they want on the package.

When the bundle is complete (10 or 12 bales) side pressure is applied to the bales to make the bundle compact, then the ejector moves to push the entire package toward the rear exit of the machine.

Ejection du paquet de bottes
Paquet de petites bottes déposé au sol

Once the last strap is placed on the package, the ejector reaches the end of its stroke and the support system under the package gently tilts to place the package on the ground.

During all these stages, the pickup continues to pick up the bales and stores them along the 2.5m conveyor.

The screen in the cabin allows you to control all the functions and settings of the machine such as; the number and position of the straps on the bundle, the tension of the straps, the compaction pressure, the bale counter, etc...

Automatic mode allows work cycles to be carried out in the field. At the same time, the screen allows you to follow the current steps.

Manual mode allows you to take control of the machine to make movements as needed.


The hydraulic system of the machine can be powered either directly through the tractor circuit, or by an independent pump mounted on the PTO.

The entire hydraulic circuit of the mounted packbale is intended to be very simple, consisting solely of on-off, reliable and economical valves. A flow rate between 25 and 35l/min allows you to exploit the Mounted PackBale to its full potential.


The package is strapped thanks to high-performance industrial strapping, allowing a breaking force of 600 kg compared to 200 kg for conventional twine.

This wide band does not damage the corners or the strings of the small bales despite the significant tension.

The technology of industrial strapping allows excellent tightening of the package to make it a real compact block, resistant to handling and falls.

Our experiences even show that 2 strappings are enough to hold all package formats tightly.

The characteristics of this machine were defined in collaboration with dozens of producers of small bales in order to satisfy as many people as possible. You can still bring this product and its future developments to life by answering the survey below, attention read and translate the questions carefully before answering!

The options

The Mounted PackBale can be equipped with numerous options in order to make it more suited to individual needs.

- Support wheels; to ensure optimal ground tracking of the machine and the pickup, on uneven terrain.

vue latérale Packbale porté


- Pickup with suspension ; for absoreduce shocks to the pickup when traveling.

suspension pickup



ISOBUS Ready ; to connect the machine directly to the tractor and use the terminal in the cabin.

Prise isobus



- Smart Pickup; automatic system which allows 2 bales to be stored waiting on the pickup while the bundle is leaving the chamber, thus increasing the throughput.

Smart pickup



- Hydraulic pump kit on PTO; to hitch the PackBale to tractors with low hydraulic power or to avoid mixing oils between several tractors.

pompe hydro



- Road sign kit ; for safe travel on small roads.

signalisation routière

- Personalized straps ; to enhance your brand imagee by affixing the logo and name of your farm to the bundles.

Zoom paquet

- Large 7" terminal in cabin ; large screen to help monitor the process with a clear view of the actions in progress.

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