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Trailed bale accumulator

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If you're looking for work output, you've come to the right place!

The Trailed Bale Accumulator can group up to 650 bales / h directly hitched behind the baler. It is particularly suitable for farms looking for an efficient tool for picking up small bales of hay or straw.

Three versions are available, 4, 5 and 6 bales wide, to make packs of 8 to 18 bales.

Loading 12 or 15 bales packages with the appropriate Bale Loader increase a lot the workspeed.

For this new range of machine, all the components have been largely dimensioned, thus ensuring solidity and performance to meet your requirements.

A fully automatic system, which has been reliable for years, takes care of the preparation of the packages and their deposit without stopping the baler.

The trailed accumulator is designed and manufactured in France. It uses recognized suppliers components.

Groupeur trainé en train de déposer un paquet

Click on the button below to access a video made by one of our customers

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The accumulator is attached to the press chamber by a simple hitch.

The center of gravity of the machine has been placed in order to reduce the force acting on the hitch.

All of the machine's electrical and hydraulic functions only require a single-acting control valve and a 12-volt socket on the tractor.

Two cylinders operate the side arm and the platform. A hydraulic motor turns the conveyor chain.

For transport and entry of fields, no problem!

A tray folding system is available on all models. The hydraulic folding option allows you to switch to transport position in seconds from the tractor cab.

The width of the convoy is less than 2.55 m.

Groupeurs petites bottes devant atelier JB Industrie
Panier à bottes

If your plot is hilly, no problem!

The Trailed Bale accumulator is equipped with several functions that make it possible to work on slopes.

We can see in this picture the ski system, which press the bale on the platform to prevent them from slipping.

The maintenance has been thought out to be reduced to a minimum! A periodic check of the tightening of the bolts and occasional lubrication of the bearings is sufficient, forget the 50 lubrication points of your press!

Like all JB Industrie accumulators, the trailed accumulator is equipped with our universal control box.


When the AUTO / MANU selector on the cab console is in the AUTO (automatic) position, the entire system is controlled fully automatically by an on-board electronic controller.

When switching to MANU (manual) mode from the in-cab control console, you can, using the integrated joystick, manually control the boom and deck.

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For any additional information on our machines, you can download the documentation below and contact us using the form on the site, we will be very happy to talk to you about your project.

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