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Steering bale accumulator

JB Industrie, groupeur de bottes suiveur

If you are looking for performance combined with exceptional maneuverability, here is the Steering bale accumulator!

The Steering Bale Accumulator can group up to 500 bales / hr in packs of 8 or 12 bales. Adapted for farmers between 2000 and 15 000 bales/year.


The particularity, compared to a trailed accumulator comes from its great maneuverability , it remains all the time aligned with the baler thanks to the following wheels. This characteristic allows it to make tight turns and even reverse.

Loading the packages with the appropriate Bale Loader completes the collection chain. You can thus achieve the working output of large round or rectangular bales while maintaining the flexibility of small rectangular bales.


All the components of this accumulator have been generously sized, thus ensuring strength and performance to meet your requirements.

A fully automatic system takes care of the preparation of the packages and their deposit without stopping the pressing.

The Steering accumulator is designed and manufactured in France. It uses components from recognized suppliers, reliable over the years.

groupeur de petites bottes JB Industrie

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Paquet de bottes de foin déposé par un groupeur suiveur

The accumulator is attached to the chamber and to the baler axle via a suitable arm. The forces are distributed evenly over the frame of the baler.

The center of gravity of the machine has been judiciously placed so as to reduce the force acting on the press chamber.

All of the machine's electrical and hydraulic functions only require a single-acting control valve and a 12-volt socket on the tractor.

An optional camera and monitor allow you to closely monitor the work being done behind the baler.

For transport or entry of fields, no problem!

The end of the platform can be folded manually or hydraulically which reduces the transport width to only 2.4m, the accumulator does not protrude from the baler neither on the left nor on the right!

A new anti-clogging system mounted on the arm provides additional safety for balers with very high production rates.

If your fields are hilly, the accumulator can get optionals skis on the platform. It press the bales onto the platform and prevent them from slipping. A mechanical system automatically lifts the skis to release the bales when the platform unloads the package.

virage serré avec un groupeur suiveur
Groupeur Suiveur replié

Like all JB Industrie accumulators, the Steering Accumulator is equipped with our universal control box.


When the AUTO / MANU selector on the cab console is in the AUTO (automatic) position, the entire system is controlled fully automatically.

When switching to MANU (manual) mode from the in-cab control console, you can, using the integrated joystick, manually control the arm and the platform.

boitier cabine groupeur de bottes JB Industrie

For any additional information on our machines, you can download the documentation below and contact us using the form on the site, we will be very happy to talk to you about your project.

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