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Mounted bale accumulator

Groupeur de petites bottes

The range of handling tools offers you the possibility by combining an accumulator and a loader of bales to considerably reduce your arduousness, your time of loading of the trailers in the fields and your time of barn while eliminating the workforce necessary for these operations.

The JB Industrie mounted bale accumulator allows bundles of 4 bales to be made directly behind the baler. These packages can be picked up later by our bale loader. Adapted for farmers between 1000 and 10 000 bales/year, up to 500 bales/hour !

Try it and you will adopt it !

It is important to note that this bale accumulator is mounted on the baler, so it is a carried tool, which greatly increases the maneuverability of the convoy and therefore allows tight turns and backing up. This material is particularly suitable for mountains areas or difficult plots.

The JB Industrie mounted bale accumulator is designed and manufactured in France, it has a robust frame. Two cylinders are used to actuate the push arm and the depositing plate. These cylinders are supplied automatically by the tractor's hydraulic system (a single-acting valve is sufficient).

Paquet de 4 bottes déposé au sol par le groupeur porté JB Industrie
Groupeur de bottes JB Industrie

The overall dimensions of the accumulator are 180cm x 93cm x 87cm and the mass is 125 Kg.

The accumulator is designed for 4 bales of 36cm x 46cm section and length range from 80 to 110 cm (within the limit of 25 Kg / bale).

Are you curious about how to assemble a mouned accumulator on a baler? Click on the button below to see it.

The accumulator is attached to the press in two places.

It is first attached to the press chamber by means of bolted plates.

It is also and carried by an arm which extends the frame of the baler by resting on the axle.

In this way, the majority of the accumulator's weight is transferred to the baler axle, which avoids overloading the press channel.

Accumulateur de bottes

Like all JB Industrie accumulators, the mounted accumulator is equipped with our universal control box, simple but effective.


When the AUTO / MANU selector in the cab console is in the AUTO (automatic) position, the entire system is controlled fully automatically by a system that has been reliable for years.

When switching to MANU (manual) mode from the in-cab control console, you can, using the integrated joystick, manually control the arm and the plate.

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For any additional information on our machines, you can download the documentation below and contact us using the form on the site, we will be very happy to talk to you about your project.

Videos of the accumulator from our customers

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