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Bale loader

Griffe à petits ballots JB Industrie

Simplify your life by eliminating the last time consuming and labor-intensive item, handling bales.

JB Industrie small bale loaders, also called grapple, are available in several configurations (8, 10,12, 15 bales, etc ...) and allow the packages of all our bale acumulator to be loaded on your trailer.

You can achieve the work output of large round or rectangular bales while maintaining the flexibility of small rectangular bales.

JB Industrie bale loaders are designed and manufactured in France, they have a robust frame. The associated kinematics are also dimensioned to support heavy repetitive loads.


One hydraulic cylinder (or more) enables the closing and opening of the hooks directly from the tractor cab with the third function of your front loader. External guides are also available as an option to facilitate maneuvering.

Chargeur de bottes JB Industrie
Pince à petits ballots JB Industrie

Loading your trailers in the field as well as stacking and picking up under your sheds has never been so easy and painless, never get off the tractor again !!


The basic attachment on our loaders is EURO type.

If you have another type of attachment, we can also adapt the Bale Loader on request. do not hesitate to contact us

deux petits paquets saisi au chargeur de bottes avec l'option séquenceur
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      Example of a 12-bales loader:

With 12 bales of 80 cm in length and 20 Kg, each loader lifts 240 Kg of hay.

The recommended trailer bed width for this configuration is 240cm which is standard for common agricultural trailers.

Each bale is held by two hooks. The 12 bales loader is designed for 4 × 3 bales with a section of 36cm x 46cm and a length of 80 cm.

If you use this bale loader in combination with our mounted accumulator (pack of 4 bales), we recommend the "sequential" option, it allows you to activate the rows of hooks one after the other so you never have to let go of a package already picked up to pick up the next packages.

Pince à bottes
Pince Bottes carrées

This loader model can lift the equivalent of a large "mattress" bale or a round bale. Rethink the way you make small bales!

It saves you 12 manual operations when loading the trailer and 12 additional manual operations when unloading the trailer.


"Until we try it, we don't realize" a JBI customer

Chargement remorque

For any additional information on our machines, you can download the documentation below and contact us using the form on the site, we will be very happy to talk to you about your project.

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